Monthly Archives: March 2015

Lisa Lays Over at “Woodland Stallion Station” March 7, 2015

Lisa Schultz had a layover at Woodland Stallion Station on her way to a 3 Day Event in Temecula CA and there just happened to be a 3 day event clinic going on so she stayed an extra day to take part! How cool is that.

“So my layover barn in north California turned out to be an amazing eventing location!!! Plus they had a clinician coming in the next morning for a clinic! This couldn’t have been better planned if I tried,  I didn’t even know they had xc jumps here!!! So needless to say- I totally stayed an extra day and did some cross country with a fantastic, positive clinician “Yves Sauvignon”  that cares SO much about the horses! JD couldn’t have been better he is totally ready to rock a confident prelim at Galway Downs! I can’t even sleep at night I’m SO excited!”

Good job Lisa and we look forward to catching up with you in San Jaun Capistrano next week when Liz and I come down for the CDI.