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Rising Stars Youth Dressage Show, August 22 – 24, 2014

August 22 to 24 was the Rising Stars youth dressage show. Ashleigh Elstone had increased scores every class she rode. Training level tests of choice, with two last rides with 73.4%  and an amazing score of 74.2%  put her the second highest score of the entire show! Ashleigh came home with the overall high point training level perpetual trophy after winning the training level division for her age group. She also came first in the dressage hack and country hack stakes classes.

Ashleigh is extremely proud of herself and her seven year old champion “Golden Boy!”

Additionally, Michelle Mills with Sugar Coated was 4th level champion and Hack Reserve Champion! Congratulations !

Michelle Mills & Sugar Coated.

Ashleigh and Golden Boy.